OpenStack ® Technology: Open Source, Open Development, Open Cloud

HP Cloud is built on OpenStack, a scalable, open source cloud infrastructure project for building private and public clouds. It provides an operating system to manage compute, storage, and networking in the cloud, and exposes open, web-based RESTful APIs for applications to manage cloud resources.

Open matters.

Innovation comes from collaboration and transparency. It comes from open source, and we believe open source is the way forward: it’s the way to build a better cloud. Not only is OpenStack open source, it has an open development process and a thriving, global community of contributors who are continually growing and evolving the project. OpenStack offers flexibility and choice, two core values important to us and our customers. With OpenStack architecture, you build in the language you want, with the tools you choose. Plus, it’s interoperable, so you can build a flexible environment to meet your needs.

Deploying your application in an open cloud has several advantages:

  • No vendor lock-in — Standards-based APIs are portable across OpenStack-based public, private, and managed clouds, so you can easily move your workloads to any cloud.
  • Supports hybrid cloud architecture — Deploy applications jointly in your private and public cloud to support compliance, security, public access, cost optimization, time-to-market, etc.  Federated public/private deployments are enabled by open cloud architecture.
  • Accelerated time-to-market and innovation — With a community of over 180 companies contributing to the platform, you can expect faster improvements and a wider breadth of capabilities than a smaller cloud community or proprietary cloud vendor could provide.
  • Ecosystem of cloud solutions — By adopting the largest open cloud architecture, HP Cloud has attracted an ecosystem of over 100 solution partners that provide storage, platform, orchestration, security solutions, and end-user applications.
  • Ease of integration — Open, web-based REST APIs simplify deployment and management of your workload.

HP leading OpenStack

We didn’t just choose OpenStack as our operating system—we are dedicated contributors to its success. HP is an original member of the OpenStack Foundation Formation Drafting Committee, and is among the leading contributors in terms of code, employees, and resources. We are a Founding Platinum Member of the OpenStack Foundation, and sit on a number of committees, including the OpenStack Foundation Legal and Technical Committees.