Why HP Cloud?

Only HP can deliver a unified, open, enterprise-grade experience
across private and public clouds.

“Cloud services are fantastic technology enablers, but collapses like the Nirvanix one highlight how important it is to choose a well-established and experienced vendor. When we had to select a replacement service, it was a no brainer to turn to HP. By selecting HP Helion Public Cloud, we know that we have a reliable trusted partner.”

 -Thad Gerber, CEO of Velocity Network Solutions

HP Helion Public Cloud frees you to innovate and focus on your business while HP handles all your storage and compute needs. Our goal is to deliver public cloud infrastructure and platform services that are business grade, open source-based, and developer focused.

The best of all worlds with hybrid delivery.

For most customers, cloud will be a part of a strategy that combines traditional IT with private, managed and public cloud elements. Our hybrid approach ensures you have optimal mix of delivery models — just the services you need, when you need them. And with plenty of flexibility.

HP Cloud is built on a common architecture, powered by HP Cloud OS. We deliver the industry's most comprehensive hybrid delivery strategy and solution portfolio across private, managed, and public clouds, as well as traditional IT. And we can even help you determine what type of cloud solution will work best for your business. Take the cloud assessment now to get started.

Enterprise-grade, no matter who you are.

HP is building an open source-based public cloud that businesses of all sizes can trust. Integrating HP hardware and software and elements of HP Converged Infrastructure with OpenStack technology, our cloud offerings enable high elasticity, enterprise-grade durability, and massive scalability. As part of our evolving business-grade cloud offering, you get exceptional customer support. With live support options and a full range of self-service tools, we provide outstanding support from a team of cloud experts. Online chat, email, phone, and community forums are part of the support platform, as well as round-the-clock monitoring and best-of-breed support technology. Know that your data is protected and secured through HP software and best practices, including node hardening, comprehensive logging, and kernel auditing. HP’s comprehensive security review process includes architectural and code reviews as well as regular pen-testing. 

Open source and transparent, so you're always free to choose.

Our open architecture and open source-based APIs enable app portability and eliminate vendor lock-in. Through our integration of key elements of OpenStack technology, you’ll get access to rapid innovations in a widening community of cloud developers. True to open source principles, we provide transparency into infrastructure design. Beyond what’s provided by OpenStack technology and HP Helion Public Cloud, you get access to a diverse range of ecosystem partners whose tools can improve productivity, efficiency, and development speed. 

HP and OpenStack technology: a strategic choice.

The OpenStack community believes that an open development model is the only way to foster cloud standards, remove the fear of proprietary license lock-in for cloud customers, and create a large ecosystem that spans cloud providers. OpenStack technology is hypervisor neutral, avoids vendor lock-in and lets developers choose the tools, languages, and frameworks they want. The OpenStack project’s dynamic developer community fosters innovation and rapid development of the OpenStack technology cloud infrastructure.

HP’s use of OpenStack technology and participation in the OpenStack project means that HP’s customers get innovative cloud technology and can easily port code and integrate applications with no vendor lock-in or HP license fees, using a standards-based approach, open APIs, and tools from multiple vendors. HP’s participation in the OpenStack project means HP will be at the forefront of public cloud development and advancement as the OpenStack project evolves to deliver massively scalable applications.