“HP Cloud Services integrated with the Panzura Global Cloud Storage System will enable DreamWorks to undertake ‘follow-the-sun’ content production through a robust, global network that ties together our distributed teams. In addition, the massively scalable low-cost tier of storage provides a platform for archiving reusable content in a central repository, while offering inherent data protection that eliminates the need for tape backup and stringent disaster-recovery planning”

Derek Chan, Head of Technology Global Operations, DreamWorks Animation

“ActiveState enjoys a mutually-beneficial relationship with HP Helion Public Cloud. Real-world enterprises demand a lot from the cloud, and HP Helion Public Cloud delivers with scalable and efficient solutions. Stackato, ActiveState's application platform for creating a private PaaS, seamlessly integrates with HP Helion Public Cloud. This integration exemplifies our vision of delivering "cloud control" to support any underlying infrastructure and to benefit enterprise developers and IT/DevOps with the flexibility and deployment options they demand.”

Bart Copeland, ActiveState CEO

"Our partnership with HP Helion Public Cloud provides customers all the tools they need to monitor their application environments with ease and keep them running 24/7. AppDynamics not only provides code-level visibility into distributed applications on HP Helion Public Cloud, but can also dynamically scale applications in the cloud leveraging its business metric thresholds."

Stuart Horne, VP of Business Development at AppDynamics

"CloudBees is proud to partner with HP to help enterprises smoothly transition their application development and deployment to the cloud. Our Java Platform Services with HP Helion Public Cloud is a powerful combination for any organization that wants to rapidly build and deploy new innovative Java applications in the cloud."

Steven Harris, Sr. VP of Products, CloudBees

"As one of the world’s most trusted technology companies, I believe that HP’s introduction of an enterprise ready public cloud with HP Helion Public Cloud will further accelerate cloud adoption. By using the CumuLogic Platform-as-a-Service on HP Helion Public Cloud, customers will have a "one-click button" to migrate and deploy applications to the cloud."

Rajesh Ramchandani, CumuLogic Founder & VP of Products

"HP Cloud Services’ team is supporting us with technical customer service that is above and beyond what we expected, based on other cloud providers."

Dan Merritts, CEO – F# Board member – DOTB (Dating Outside the Box)

"HP is building an incredibly powerful cloud platform designed to support business-critical applications, so it's with great pride that we've integrated with HP Helion Public Cloud to make our automated cloud security service available to joint customers. Dome9's API-based policy automation for HP Helion Public Cloud enables secure, on-demand access to HP servers, protecting them from today’s serious cloud security threats."

Zohar Alon, Co-Founder & CEO, Dome9 Security

“Playing with HP Helion Public Cloud private beta. Solid. Web GUI has a ways to go but most use API anyways. Downloaded hybridfox, up and running in 30 minutes.”

Anthony Elizondo
Systems Engineer, US

"enStratus is excited to expand on its OpenStack™ ecosystem by adding support for HP Helion Public Cloud. Together, HP Helion Public Cloud and enStratus provide a powerful public cloud infrastructure with the governance, automation, and security tools that enterprises require."

James Urquhart, VP of Product Strategy at enStratus

"FeedHenry is delighted to work with HP to offer enterprises and software developers a mobile application platform-as-a-service (PaaS) running on HP Helion Public Cloud. Building, integrating and managing secure mobile apps has never been easier. FeedHenry integrated with HP Helion Public Cloud leverages the know how and experience of the world's leading technology company."

Cathal McGloin, CEO, FeedHenry

“I am having awesome discussions with the folks building @hpcloud. Their private beta looks very promising."

Aaron Fleming, Director of Operations

“Just to say- really good service so far looking forward to seeing you guys develop it.”

Richard Gardner Support Engineer, United Kingdom

"As enterprises begin to shift their business-critical applications to the cloud, the combination of HP Helion Public Cloud and the Cloudify PaaS stack from GigaSpaces provides a truly open and business grade alternative. Developers can build their apps with any tool or framework and Cloudify handles the deployment, scaling and management on HP Helion Public Cloud without any application code changes."

Nati Shalom, Founder and CTO, GigaSpaces

"HP Cloud Object Storage offers scalable, reliable online storage with open source-based architecture. HP Cloud Object Storage has enabled Gladinet’s hybrid cloud access solution that seamlessly bridges the gap between on-premise software and cloud storage. The result is simplified cloud migration for small and medium size businesses."

Jerry Huang, CEO, Gladinet

"The HP Helion Public Cloud UI is functional and intuitive, and the ability to spin up different versions of Linux in minutes lets us quickly determine what’s best for our application. Support is outstanding - everyone we talked to knows the HP Helion Public Cloud platform top to bottom. Grid Robotics is proud to integrate with HP Helion Public Cloud to deliver Capacity Calibration (CapCal), which enables cost effective cloud and cloud mobile testing."

Randy Hayes, Founder and CTO, Grid Robotics

"Our team was impressed with the performance of HP Helion Public Cloud during our integration and testing. We are excited to deliver Kaavo IMOD cloud management solution to help customers easily deploy, manage, and meter their custom applications, SaaS, and PaaS solutions on HP Helion Public Cloud."

Jamal Mazhar, Founder and CEO of Kaavo

“As more and more organizations migrate their business-critical applications to the cloud, it’s critical that we partner with trusted leaders like HP Helion Public Cloud to provide our joint customers with effective tools for identifying and resolving potential application performance issues through the stack, from the end user down to the application line of code. Having this essential capability makes it easier for teams to ensure their apps are delivering the highest standard of application performance and availability.”

Bill Lapcevic, Vice President of Business Development, New Relic

“Functional and performance testing of HP Helion Public Cloud has been excellent and very consistent. The HP management interface and APIs were well documented, straightforward and accurate. HP Helion Public Cloud has passed all of our qualification requirements and should meet the performance and reliability needs of enterprise customers.”


"We congratulate HP on building one of the first production-ready Openstack™ public clouds. HP Helion Public Cloud and RightScale offer a powerful combination for customers needing an enterprise-grade cloud combined with fully automated cloud management. RightScale cloud management integrated with HP Helion Public Cloud will be a great option for managing the HP cloud from a single dashboard using automated provisioning, configuration and governance as well as providing access to a broad collection of pre-built solutions from our MultiCloud Marketplace."

Michael Crandell, CEO, RightScale

"ScaleXtreme's early support of OpenStack™ helped make our integration with HP Helion Public Cloud a breeze. The platform performance has been impressive, not surprising given HP's technical know-how."

Karthik Ram, Sr. Director of Engineering, ScaleXtreme

"HP not only brings the 'trust' element to the cloud that businesses have been crying out for but also a wealth of expertise in dealing with infrastructure and data that underlies any Cloud offering. This makes HP Helion Public Cloud an obvious choice for our small and large companies who are evaluating moving to Cloud."

Ian Osborne, CEO, SMEStorage

“We have been successfully testing our StorSimple Enterprise Cloud Storage software against the HP Helion Public Cloud. In fact we have been able to pass in the first run our standard test suite without any issue. I was surprised to see the test complete successfully at the first go because we didn’t put any restriction over the rate at which we send the requests (GET/PUT/etc.) and yet we didn’t experience any timeout or error on the cloud side. This was actually the first cloud storage implementation that passed our pretty stringent tests at the first attempt!”

Maurilio Cometto
VP, Engineering at StorSimple

"Security is a key concern for enterprise users of public cloud. Trend Micro enables HP Helion Public Cloud users with cloud security solutions, such as encryption, intrusion prevention, firewalls, and integrity verification of the virtual machine. Trend Micro is pleased to integrate with HP Helion Public Cloud to offer its industry leading security solutions to the growing HP cloud community."

“Cloud Services has consistently delivered and exceeded the high levels of service required by production systems today.”

Nicos Vekiarides, TwinStrata CEO

“Good news regarding our integration with HP Helion Public Cloud. We were able to quickly verify functional interoperability with HP Cloud Storage using CloudArray ® 3.0”

Mark Aldred
Engineering Manager at TwinStrata

"HP Helion Public Cloud provides an excellent validation of the power of open source in cloud computing infrastructures. Standard APIs based on OpenStack have made the process to integrate Zmanda's open source backup software with HP Helion Public Cloud very straightforward."

Paddy Sreenivasan, VP of Engineering, Zmanda

"Zuora has worked closely with HP Helion Public Cloud to provide the first billing solution fully integrated with OpenStack™. With Zuora, HP Cloud Services’ customers and partners will benefit from access to Zuora’s sophisticated subscription billing capabilities, which are key to enabling the Subscription Economy in the Cloud."

Tien Tzuo, CEO & Founder, Zuora, Inc.