Legacy Application Migration to the Cloud

  • Overview

We deliver both a full-service professional solution (HP Cloud Workload Migration Services) as well as independent cloud migration solutions offered by HP solution partners. HP Cloud Workload Migration Services help users assess, plan, and migrate existing production workloads to HP’s public cloud. Delivered in conjunction with HP’s partner ecosystem, this service lets you migrate applications with little or no code modifications so you can quickly and seamlessly take advantage of the scalability, cost savings and flexibility of cloud computing.

HP Cloud Workload Migration Services

HP Helion Public Cloud provides an open cloud interface based on OpenStack™ APIs to support the migration of complex multi-tier applications. Through the use of applied cloud contexting techniques and innovative application virtualization tools, HP Enterprise Migration Services provides simplified and cost-effective application migration services to HP Helion Public Cloud.

  • Focus on migrating the application and its data, not the infrastructure
  • Migrate applications in a fraction of the time
  • Start your journey to the cloud with low-cost, low-risk opportunity

Migration Services from HP Cloud Solution Partners

HP Cloud has also teamed up with a number of third-party partners that provide specific solutions for migrating mainstream and enterprise applications.

Benefits of using HP Cloud Solution Partners for app migration:

  • No code changes – Use recipe-based approaches that don’t require code changes to the application when deploying to the cloud
  • Leverage current deployment scripts – Use Chef recipes, Puppet, or custom shell scripts for deployment and configuration
  • Web servers – Compatible with Tomcat, Microsoft IIS, Ruby, LAMP, and other open source servers
  • Application servers – Compatible with Websphere, Oracle Fusion/WebLogic, JBoss, .Net
  • Databases – Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL
  • Big data – Cassandra, Hadoop, MongoDB, CouchBase
  • Content management – Manage using Drupal and other platforms
  • Desktop apps – Utilize Office (virtual desktop)
  • CRM – SAP, Oracle, SugarCRM
  • Deployment automation via UI console – Automate instance provisioning, network configuration, and storage management
  • Support operations & management – Monitoring, auto-scaling, high availability
  • No VM packaging or hypervisor dependencies – Deploy apps natively on HP Cloud VMs with no need for VM packaging by the enterprise before deploying
  • Hybrid cloud deployments and cloud-to-cloud migration – Supports migrating workloads from private cloud and other public clouds without having to worry about VM or hypervisor compatibilities