SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Instances on HP Cloud

HP Cloud Compute now supports SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) OS instances for HP Helion Public Cloud customers who wish to deploy enterprise-class virtual machines for business critical applications.  With over 9,000 third party independent software vendor (ISV) applications supported on SLES, you have tremendously increased flexibility when running workloads on HP Cloud.

Image Available

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 v3


  • License included – The license required for a SLES OS instance are included in the price of your HP Cloud Compute instance so you can spin up a server and get started without worrying about additional license costs. 
  • Snapshots – Create a snapshot of your SLES instance, which saves your updates to the instance and stores it in HP Cloud Object Storage.  The root partition of SLES will be captured in the snapshot.
  • Volumes – Use HP Cloud Block Storage to create and attach volumes to expand your virtual machine storage.
  • Network – Use HP Cloud’s networking tools to provide load balancing and connectivity of your SLES virtual machines.
  • Subscription Management Tool service – Use the SUSE-managed Subscription Management Tool (SMT) servers running on HP Cloud for fast and efficient updates of your SLES virtual machines.
  • Metadata service – Use OpenStack®-based APIs to pass metadata to agents that you install in your SLES instance.


Please see the table below for details about the hourly license fee for both standard HP Cloud Compute Linux Instances and HP Cloud Compute SUSE SLES Instances. 

Standard Instance Type (Flavor) Description Hourly (Estimated Monthly)
  Linux  SUSE
Standard Extra Small 1 HP Cloud Compute Unit, 1 virtual core, 1GB RAM, 20GB disk $0.03/hr ($21.90/mo.)* $0.06/hr ($43.80/mo.)*
Standard Small  2 HP Cloud Compute Units, 2 virtual cores, 2GB RAM, 40GB disk $0.06/hr ($43.80/mo.)* $0.09/hr ($65.70/mo.)*
Standard Medium 4 HP Cloud Compute Units, 2 virtual cores, 4GB RAM, 80GB disk $0.12/hr ($87.60/mo.)*

$0.20/hr ($146/mo.)*

Standard Large 8 HP Cloud Compute Units, 4 virtual cores, 8GB RAM, 160GB disk $0.24/hr ($175.20/mo.)*

$0.34/hr ($248.20/mo.)*

Standard XL 15 HP Cloud Compute Units, 4 virtual cores, 15GB RAM, 300GB disk $0.45/hr ($328.50/mo.)* $0.58/hr ($423.40/mo.)*
Standard 2XL 30 HP Cloud Compute Units, 8 virtual cores, 30GB RAM, 570GB disk

$0.90/hr ($657/mo.)*

$1.06/hr ($773.80/mo.)*
Standard 4XL 60 HP Cloud Compute Units, 12 virtual cores, 60GB RAM, 900GB disk $1.80/hr ($1314/mo.)* $1.96/hr ($1439.80/mo.)*
Standard 8XL 103 HP Cloud Compute Units, 16 virtual cores, 120GB RAM, 1800GB disk $3.24/hr ($2365.20/mo.)* $3.40/hr ($2482.00/mo.)*
High Memory Instance Type (Flavor)  Description  Hourly (Estimated Monthly)
High Memory Large 8 HP Cloud Compute Units, 4 virtual cores, 16GB RAM, 160GB disk  $0.36/hr ($262.80/mo.)* $0.52/hr ($379.60/mo.)*
High Memory XL 15 HP Cloud Compute Units, 4 virtual cores, 30GB RAM, 300GB disk  $0.68/hr ($496.40/mo.)* $0.84/hr ($613.20/mo.)*
High Memory 2XL 30 HP Cloud Compute Units, 4 virtual cores, 60GB RAM, 570GB disk  $1.35/hr ($985.50/mo.)* $1.51/hr ($1102.30)*
An HP Cloud Compute Unit (CCU) is a unit of CPU capacity that describes the amount of compute power that a virtual core has available to it. 6.5 CCUs are roughly equivalent to the minimum power of one logical core (a hardware hyper-thread) of an Intel(R) 2012 Xeon(R) 2.60 GHz CPU 

* Monthly estimates based on 730 hours of service. There are no minimums, and you pay only for what you use. To stop hourly charges, you must de-allocate your instance. As long as you have an allocated instance, that instance is yours and no one else can use those resources even when the instance is not running.

For services related to extending your enterprise environment to HP Cloud using SUSE SLES, please refer to


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