HP Cloud Relational Database

Managed, On-Demand Database Access. 

Get on-demand access to a managed relational database in the cloud. HP Cloud Relational Database automates administration tasks such as deployment, configuration, and patching so you can focus on adding more value to your applications and business. 

HP Cloud Relational Database is now in public beta and available to all current HP Helion Public Cloud customers. If you’d like to give it a whirl, simply log-in and enable the service.

Do more in less time.

Many time-consuming database administration tasks are handled for you, such as backups and patching. Create your production-ready database in minutes through our CLI or simple APIs (web-based console support is coming soon).

Supercharge your apps.

Snapshots and multiple availability zones ensure your database is always available to support your production deployments. Plus, the database is optimized to deliver fast and consistent performance for workloads demanding high I/O.

Built on OpenStack® technology.

 HP Cloud Relational Database uses an open source distribution of MySQL built on OpenStack technology. You get rapid product innovation without vendor lock-in.