HP Public Cloud Console Based on OpenStack Horizon

HP Helion Public Cloud has always provided a management console for you to create, administrate, and maintain your cloud services — from compute to networking, to object storage. Now we are introducing a new HP Helion Public Cloud Console built on OpenStack Horizon. While existing 12.12 customers transition to the 13.5 environment, both the classic management console and the new HP Helion Public Cloud Console will be available for your use*.  You’ll notice a different look and feel with the new console and more features. Review the release notes, and contact us with your comments and feedback.  

Engineered to support 13.5 and beyond

The new HP Public Cloud Console is designed to support the added features and functionality provided with 13.5, staying in alignment with the latest OpenStack core code base, and releasing regular updates on the current tested and approved OpenStack versions.

Built on OpenStack® technology

The HP Public Cloud Console is built on the OpenStack Horizon dashboard project for customers looking to manage their services from OpenStack.

Ready to give a whirl?

Log in to the HP Cloud Public Cloud console now.


*Manage your account information and your 13.5 services through the new HP Public Cloud Console.  Manage existing 12.12 services via the Classic Management Console until they are retired on June 1, 2014.

We encourage you to begin transitioning to the new version as soon as possible.  Learn how to transition your instances to the latest version of HP Public Cloud.