HP Cloud Object Storage

Ultra Durable Storage You Never Need to Worry About

HP Cloud Object Storage is designed for ultra-high durability so your data is available for immediate retrieval. Every object is copied three times and stored in physically separate availability zones. HP Cloud Object Storage is powered by OpenStack® technology and runs on high-performance HP servers. And our industry-leading service level agreement grants the world class protection and support you expect from HP.

Pay as you go. Prices start at 9₵/GB/month.

Create containers and add objects on demand to meet your growing storage needs. You only pay for what you use.

Store as much as you want.

Store and manage an unlimited number of containers and objects. Scale your storage easily as your business grows.

Kick vendor lock-in to the curb.

OpenStack is an open, flexible alternative to closed cloud operating systems. You benefit from the continual contributions the thriving, global OpenStack community offers.

Send data faster with Akamai CDN delivery.

Deliver static data from HP Cloud Object Storage to users around the world in a flash. Enabling CDN is fast, easy, and affordable.

How to get started:

  1. Activate object storage. You’ll create a new public or private container and you’ll have the option to enable HP Cloud CDN at this time.
  2. Using upload objects, you’ll select and upload the files you want to store in the cloud.

That’s it! Using the management console to upload data into the cloud is just one of several options available to you. Check out the object storage overview for more ways to use the service. Read the step-by-step getting started guide for more details.