HP Cloud Monitoring

HP Cloud Monitoring is a managed service that monitors infrastructure, platform, and custom metrics to help ensure that workloads are operating at optimum levels. HP Cloud Monitoring provides fundamental performance management capabilities such as performance metrics, threshold-based alarms, and reliable notification delivery. HP Cloud Monitoring is an easy, scalable way to gain visibility into your workload’s performance and operational health.

Save time and money

Say goodbye to license fees, software upgrades, and physical infrastructure costs. HP Cloud Monitoring provides a scalable, managed monitoring service that provides users with the benefits of a traditional performance monitoring solution without the cost and complexity of managing a standalone monitoring infrastructure.


Optimize workload performance and gain better insight into your HP Cloud resources. Uncover hidden bottlenecks, increase cloud capacity, or scale down your resources based on HP Cloud performance data.

Gain deeper insight

HP Cloud Monitoring is perfect for capacity planning and root cause analysis. Gain deeper insight into your workload when you analyze historical performance data that helps you identify key performance trends. HP Cloud Monitoring historical data allows you to quickly identify and resolve performance anomalies before they impact your workloads.

Single pane of glass

Are you already using a fantastic monitoring tool? Is the cloud just an extension of your organization’s overall deployment strategy? HP Cloud Monitoring has been designed to easily integrate with existing third party tools. Both our message queue and RESTful API endpoints can easily be integrated into most third party monitoring solutions.