HP Cloud DNS

Simple domain name system management.

HP Cloud DNS (Domain Name System) is an enterprise-grade managed DNS service engineered to support even the most demanding workloads. Manage your DNS zones and records securely and efficiently while freeing up time to focus on what matters. With a global IP Anycast network, the service is highly available and fast from the ground up.

Uptime as reliable as clockwork.

We use a global IP Anycast network, an industry best practice, to guarantee maximum uptime. Anycast routing enables queries to take multiple routes to a destination, providing superior reliability, security, and speed over Unicast routing. If a DNS node fails, another node steps in automatically and instantly responds to queries.

Fast and efficient.

More than 75 edge locations using Anycast routing worldwide means traffic to your applications is routed along the most efficient path possible.

Pay as you go.

Whether you’re just getting started and serving hundreds of queries or already serving billions of queries a month, we’re here to scale seamlessly with you. Pay only for what you use and enable additional features as they’re needed.