Welcoming DreamWorks to the HP Public Cloud Private Beta

I had the pleasure of meeting HP Public Cloud’ private beta customer and long time HP customer Derek Chan, Head of Global Technology Operations for DreamWorks Animation, at CloudBeat. Derek joined HP Public Cloud VP & CTO Patrick Scaglia and Sequoia Capital’s Luis Robles on stage for a fireside chat.

DreamWorks & HP Public Cloud fireside chat at CloudBeat from HP Cloud on Vimeo.

From left to right: Luis Robles, Sequoia Capital; Derek Chan, DreamWorks; Patrick Scaglia, HP Public Cloud

In the fireside chat Derek explained that HP and DreamWorks have been working together to push the limits of what is now called cloud computing for many years, since before the term “cloud computing” was coined and became popular. DreamWorks started its move to the cloud because of physical real estate limitations and a need for more compute capacity.  DreamWorks’ cloud computing work with HP evolved from an internal grid to private cloud with fixed capacity to private cloud with flex capacity. According to Derek, DreamWorks rendered five percent of their films on cloud technologies in 2010. In 2011, Derek predicts that DreamWorks will push 20 percent of their overall compute capacity to the cloud.

Derek strongly feels that public cloud is the next step. For DreamWorks, HP Public Cloud is attractive because of its integration of open source cloud infrastructure from OpenStack. In Derek’s view, open standards deliver several benefits, including freedom of choice across development languages and frameworks, application portability, ability to avoid vendor lock-in, and efficiencies across DreamWorks’ massive cloud computing requirements.  

We’re honored to have DreamWorks as part of the HPCS family of customers.

More about DreamWorks’ and HP

To see a video about DreamWorks’ work with HP over the past 10 years, click here. Click here to see a recent interview about HP’s cloud computing work with DreamWorks; the interview features DreamWorks Animation's Senior Director of Digital Operations Ryan Granard.

More about Derek Chan

Derek is Head of Global Technology Operations for DreamWorks Animation, where he provides worldwide strategic vision, planning and implementation of the studio’s computing infrastructure. Derek leads the studio’s adoption and leverage of cloud computing, which has been crucial to providing the massive compute resources required to create multiple films concurrently.  His film credits include the Academy Award-winning Shrek, Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda 2. Among his technical accolades, Derek was named one of Computer World’s Premier 100 IT Leaders in 2008.

Stay Tuned

At CloudBeat, HP Public Cloud VP and CTO Patrick Scaglia also shared his insights and vision regarding the evolution and the future of the cloud computing market and technology. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on that topic.