Watch the Demo: Cloud Foundry Running on HP Public Cloud

In a prior article on this blog, we told you that the team at HP Public Cloud has been moving quickly to make the open cloud services vision a reality. We referred to a demo of Cloud Foundry, and we asked you to stay tuned. The demo linked below shows the open sourced Cloud Foundry platform as a service (PaaS) running on HP Public Cloud IaaS.



HP Public Cloud’ future open source-based PaaS offerings will include features that deliver enhanced ease of use, deployment, and management for application developers. The demo illustrates one of HP’s first steps toward delivering a broad set of open PaaS offerings running on HP Public Cloud infrastructure. Demos are a way for HP Public Cloud to show future direction to customers.

PaaS offerings aim to give application developers the ability to do seamless application development, deployment, and management on a pay as you go basis. PaaS solutions also deliver the elasticity you’d expect in a cloud offering, enabling applications to scale up or down depending on usage patterns.

Initially brought to the open source community by VMware,’s open source offering aims to deliver PaaS with all the benefits of open technology. In the case of PaaS, open source technology gives developers application portability, a way to avoid vendor lock-in, and access to new services developed by the community. Developers also get the ability to deploy on any compatible public, private, or hybrid cloud and freedom of choice across programming languages and frameworks. Cloud Foundry already offers a platform for building, deploying, and running applications using Spring for Java developers, Rails and Sinatra for Ruby developers, Node.js and other JVM frameworks like Groovy, Grails and Scala. HP Public Cloud’ open source-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) will support multiple PaaS options, including Cloud Foundry, AppFog, and others. Stay tuned for exciting developments to come…

If you have an idea of a demo you’d like to see from HP Public Cloud, please let us know. If you haven’t joined our private beta yet, sign up now.