Test Drive the HP Cloud for Free. Usher In Innovation on Us.

It starts with an idea.  Yours.  

Add in the development backdrop you need to create a new app, a new service or enhance existing ones, and you have innovation in the cloud.

To support you on that journey, HP is here to light the path.

Let us get right to the point – our FREE ‘TEST DRIVE’ OFFER INCLUDES:

  • Up to 1,000 unit-hours/month of on-demand compute, or
  • Up to 300+ GB/month of storage capacity, or
  • Up to 250 GB/month of CDN bandwidth, or
  • Any combination of these services totaling up to a $20 credit per month*

Unlike other potential free trial cloud offers out there, our HP Cloud FREE TEST DRIVE offer allows users to access any and all of our current services, so you’re not limited by the infrastructure and tools you need to deliver the next award winning cloud-based application or web service.

So whether you’re creating, testing, storing or hosting . . . we’ve designed HP Public Cloud to make what you do matter.

Test drive the HP Cloud today – for free.

*Reflects current promotional pricing. Pricing and availability of discounts subject to change.