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The Three Flavors of Cloud Storage

I just finished my presentation on reducing storage costs while increasing flexibility and getting ready to have some interesting discussions here at Storage Networking World this week.  Our HP storage team is here in full force and it’s exciting to talk to customers about the how we can support their storage needs from hardware infrastructure to the cloud. From some of the conversations I’ve had so far, its’ reminded me that there are still many people that are unclear on the differences between the three flavors of cloud storage; ephemeral, block and object storage.  I’d like to give you a quick summary of the three types of cloud storage and the use cases for each of them.  My overview is based on a whitepaper we published a few months ago. Read more

Guest Blog: Using the HP Cloud To Build an App in 48 Hours

Guest blog by Garland Kan and Andy Bartley HP Labs has launched an interesting set of APIs for facial recognition, image matching, and image extraction.  Named the “HP Labs Multimedia Analytic Platform”, the APIs leverage HP’s experience in digital image processing (  Our team came across the platform while searching for a facial recognition API.   Having heard about HP’s focus on cloud computing, we decided to take one of these APIs for a spin and find out how easy it would be to build an app on this cloud platform over a weekend. Read more