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How To Be Master Of Your Domain with Keystone

I hope you’re like me – one who unabashedly admits to belonging in the more geeky and nerdly portion of the society.  Yet in the world of geeks and nerds there is an elite group.  That’s right, it’s the elite set of geeks and nerds who actually get excited about identity management - the authentication and authorization of users across systems.  The ability to easily configure who gets access to specific resources in the cloud facilitates better security, project management and cost control without slowing down users.  That’s the kind of thing that makes everyone in an organization happy.  In the Grizzly “V3” version of Keystone, the identity service for OpenStack®, there is a new function called Domains. Our team has been working tirelessly with the OpenStack Keystone team to bring you some new innovations.  Read more

Adding Users To Your HP Public Cloud Account

I’ve heard it said that “No man is an island.”  And I know that this is the case in the cloud.  Sharing compute instances, storage containers and the like amongst friends, colleagues, fellow contributors and other collaborators is the only way to get things done.  Yet doing so in an uncontrolled and insecure manner can be treacherous.  Sharing login credentials or access keys, for instance, can be troublesome for security and access control.  Those one-size-fits-all methods don’t allow for any fine-grained control over who can manage each of your various cloud resources.  Or maybe you and your colleagues have been forced to manage independent accounts each with their own sets of cloud resources and their own bills.  That’s no way to collaborate. Read more