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The Media & Entertainment Industry Drives Cloud Innovation

This week in Las Vegas, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show will once again demonstrate how the Media and Entertainment Industry has created and pushed the boundaries of new technology.  From the dawn of “moving pictures” to radio, television, non linear editing, animation, Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), DVD, 3D and HD video, the technology developed by the industry has changed the world. The content produced by Hollywood has also given birth to much of the consumer electronics industry.  People bought radios, record players and now tablets and 4K TVs to be informed and entertained by the content delivered through them.  Today, it is cloud innovation that is being pushed by the needs of media and entertainment companies.  Read more

A Faster Website in One Click

So, I heard your website is slower than you’d like. I used to be the Chief Architect for the website, so I am intimately familiar with the need for speed. When you did your research, you likely came to the same conclusion a lot of other people have, that Akamai has an extensive, global Content Delivery Network (CDN). If you could get your images up on their caching servers, which are in every major metropolitan area in the world, your website visitors would be pulling those images from servers much closer to their physical location. Since pictures take up the bulk of any web page, they’ll see what they are looking for faster! Who really has time these days for a delay in page loads. Read more