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The Three Flavors of Cloud Storage

I just finished my presentation on reducing storage costs while increasing flexibility and getting ready to have some interesting discussions here at Storage Networking World this week.  Our HP storage team is here in full force and it’s exciting to talk to customers about the how we can support their storage needs from hardware infrastructure to the cloud. From some of the conversations I’ve had so far, its’ reminded me that there are still many people that are unclear on the differences between the three flavors of cloud storage; ephemeral, block and object storage.  I’d like to give you a quick summary of the three types of cloud storage and the use cases for each of them.  My overview is based on a whitepaper we published a few months ago. Read more

HP Cloud Block Storage Public Beta Brings New Features

Earlier this week, HP Cloud’s Block Storage moved into public beta.  I wanted to let you know that we have also introduced several major new features such as bootable volumes, improvements in volume backup to object storage, and support for persistent instances. In addition, increased service stability, scalability and security have also been implemented. Read more

HP Public Cloud Takes a Big Leap Forward with Compute GA, Block Storage and Application PaaS

As an IT manager or a developer, to trust your business and possibly your job to the public cloud, there are certain key factors you look for beyond the required technical specifications. Reliability, speed to market, and a rich ecosystem top the list. HP Public Cloud just announced four new product and service advances that address these crucial business requirements. Read more

My Test Drive of the HP Cloud Service Block Storage Private Beta

HP Public Cloud recently introduced a new block storage offering that is now in private beta. Since most users are fairly new to the HP Cloud, configuring new capabilities such as block storage volumes can be a learning experience. So I took it upon myself to see what it really takes to get started. I’m a marketing guy, so I’m not a hands-on system administration person nor do I have a deep background in software development. I figured that if I can get a rudimentary set-up of a block storage volume on a virtual machine instance, it shouldn't be too hard for a “regular” person to do it either. And if I couldn't easily figure it out, at least I had some meaty content for discussions with the engineers that built the service. After taking a little bit of time to try it, to my surprise, it really wasn't tough at all. Read more