Running GigaSpaces Cloudify on HP Public Cloud

In this post, I demonstrate the GigaSpaces PaaS/DevOps technology running on HP Public Cloud. GigaSpaces’ Cloudify product offers a simple method to try out their tool without installation or configuration.  Please ensure that you have Compute US West AZ 2 Region Activated on your HP Public Cloud account as Cloudify leverages that zone for this tool.

To learn how the tool works on your HP Public Cloud account go to and select a sample application. In my case, I selected Couchbase.


The following information is needed to connect to your HP Public Cloud account.

  • Project– Enter the text from the top bar on the screen
  • HPCS Key – Enter the Access Key #1 value
  • HPCS Secret Key – Click “Show the Secret Key” and enter that value

To get to the API Keys page (shown below) simply select API Keys on the header. 

Complete the appropriate fields.

From there, I clicked the orange arrow which launches the application. When the application is fully loaded on the cloud, a help overlap appears on the screen indicating how to reach the application.


Click the X on that overlay and click the link to obtain a new window with the application running.


Finally, the built in Social Media capabilities then allow you to easily forward this environment to other people. NOTE – The links are not active


Launch Couchbase 2.0.1 on any cloud with a single click with #cloudifysource

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