Running CumuLogic PaaS on HP Public Cloud

I am expanding my Dog Food series to look at how various partner technologies running on HP Public Cloud can be leveraged. In this blog, I create a trial account with CumuLogic’s PaaS platform and deploy a sample application running on HP Public Cloud.

Step 1 – Register for the CumuLogic Trial

As a partner with HP Public Cloud, CumuLogic provides a PaaS for the development and deployment of Java applications. The joint trial offering is available at .

Step 2 – Validation

After completing the simple registration form, an email is sent to your account for validation. Simply “click here” to authenticate your registration.

Hello Stephen ,
hank you for registering for CumuLogic Cloud Services on HP Cloud! Please click here to activate your account. Your feedback is very important to us. Please feel free to contact us at anytime for questions or comments at

Best regards,
CumuLogic Team

Step 3 – System Access

Upon validation, you are taken to the HP Public Cloud portal for CumuLogic at where you enter your username and password. The user name is your email address and the password was set by you during registration. 

Step 4- Configure & Deploy a Sample Application on HP Public Cloud

To better understand how to use the CumuLogic platform, I selected a Sample Application. For this blog I choose Guestbook-1.0. 

The console then allowed me to select an Availability Zone and Instance Type.  As you are running on the HP Public Cloud it will provide the appropriate options for your selection.

The PaaS then allowed me the opportunity to customize the database information. For this sample application I left the provided information as is.

Again, I made no changes on this final configuration screen.

The system then provides a complete review of all the configurations before finalizing the settings before application launch.


Step 5 – Deployed Application Monitoring and Access

The deployed application is tracked on a new panel allowing the user to see all the applications running and status. The screen below shows the sample application in the process of being deployed. The “Status” column will go green when the application is available.  

To provide more information during the application deployment, a notifications screen provides information on the behind the scenes processing on the HP Public Cloud.

Once the “Status” column goes green, you can select the “Apps” box to obtain the Application Access URL. 

The Sample Application I selected is running and simply takes entered text and lists it.