JavaScript Node.js Bindings Released for HP Cloud

We are happy to announce the release of the JavaScript bindings for HPCS. You can find a new entry for them at: These bindings are designed to be used with node.js, a server side execution environment known for its asynchronous nature and high performance. It currently supports object storage and identity services. These bindings were crafted by Matt Butcher and Matt Farina (the “Matts”).

Like our HP Cloud PHP bindings, the JavaScript bindings are open-source under the MIT license and are available for the public to freely expand. The bindings were developed over several months as part of the object storage WebDAV proxy. The proxy was architected in a manner where the code that interacts with object storage and identity services was built as its own module with the intent of being released as a binding. The bindings are fully documented, backed with automated tests, and hence we have created and released version 1.0.0! You can download the library here.