Identifying the Real Needs of Prospective Cloud Customers

Many prospective HP Public Cloud and Converged Cloud customers find the various aspects of cloud technology difficult to overlay on their business requirements. Lydia Leong of Gartner has focused on this issue and recently released a new report to assist both customers and cloud providers in how to best engage with each other; Service Providers Must Identify the Real Needs of Prospective Customers of Cloud IaaS.

This blog provides a basic overview of the paper with substantially more details in the paper itself.

Key Issues

  • Market confusion about cloud services and how it meets customer needs
  • Current and future cloud capabilities – what is real and what is soon
  • Typical cloud buyer is from IT and lacks business perspective to see complete cloud impact

Helping Customers

  • Focus on provisioning, operations, physical location, and financing requirements
  • Explain business and technical benefits of various cloud offerings
  • Go for best solution which may or may not be cloud

For the complete document please visit this site.  

About Lydia Leong

Lydia Leong has been with Gartner for 17 years and is current Research VP in the Technology and Service Provider group at Gartner. She is a cloud expert and was Gartner's Analyst of the Year in 2010.

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