HP Cloud Messaging Service and Project Marconi

I'm sometimes asked about the HP Cloud Messaging as a Service (MSGaaS) service, and how it relates to the OpenStack Marconi project.

The HP Cloud has been running a Messaging as a Service (MSGaaS) service since inception.

Our MSGaaS actually predates HP's commitment to OpenStack, and significantly predates the OpenStack Marconi project. Of course, as soon as Marconi published an API, we updated our MSGaaS to be compatible with it.  The API doc is at http://docs.hpcloud.com/api/msgaas/

It is currently in public beta.  Remember: "beta".  We can't guarantee uptime or data safety yet.  You can try it out yourself by logging into the web UI at HPCloud.com, navigating to the Services page on the Classic WebUI at https://account.hpcloud.com/services, and scrolling down to "Beta Services". Click on "Request Access" for "Messaging".

The main developer of our MSGaaS is Hong Yuan, who while doing amazing work on it, also works on the Trove DBaaS project, and also on the orchestration that runs the public HP Cloud service.  Hong was at all the Marconi design summit sessions last month in Hong Kong, so we will see MSGaaS continue to improve.

If you have any questions, as always, you can email me at mark.atwood@hp.com