HP Cloud launches HP Cloud OS public beta program

Author: J.R. Horton, Product Manager, HP Cloud 

HP today enhanced its cloud architecture with new functionality that delivers customers an enterprise-grade solution to ease deployment, management and scalability of OpenStack®-based solutions for hybrid cloud.

Organizations are challenged with managing and securing multiple cloud environments while maintaining flexibility without vendor lock-in. Through its commitment to OpenStack, HP is delivering open standards–based hybrid solutions that provide enterprises the agility of interoperable cloud solutions along with enterprise-grade security, manageability and control to confidently deploy mission-critical workloads in the cloud.

HP is launching its public beta activities for HP Cloud OS, the technology foundation for the HP hybrid cloud architecture. HP Cloud OS enhances the maturity of the platform for all users by adding enterprise-grade features, such as role-based access and a common user interface. These new features increase security and governance, while providing simplicity of use and a common experience across all environments.

Additionally, HP is adding features to HP Cloud OS to simplify the cloud experience for IT administrators, including a new distribution network (CODN) for updating and patching your cloud environment, simplified multi-tier infrastructure provisioning and orchestration, and improved multi-region compute support. The HP Cloud OS enhancements are now available via the HP Cloud OS Sandbox 1.2 technology preview.

Let’s get started! The following are important links to refer as you engage in our HP Cloud OS beta program activities.

  • If you want to learn more about HP Cloud OS, the technology foundation for the HP hybrid cloud architecture, please visit http://www.hp.com/go/cloudos
  • How do I download the HP Cloud OS Sandbox 1.2 software?  Please sign up to our HP Cloud OS Distribution Network http://cloudos.hpwsportal.com.  You will find the HP Cloud OS Sandbox 1.2 software under the Technology Preview menu or by clicking on the download icon on the main page.
  • Where can I read up on the installation and functional guides for the HP Cloud OS Sandbox 1.2 software?  Please visit our online documentation site at http://docs.hpcloud.com/cloudos.
  • How do I ask questions, get help, or provide feedback?  We encourage and welcome active participation, please come learn from the community and share with us your experiences.  We will be using the HP Cloud online forum for this collaboration.  Please sign up to our HP Public Cloud using promotional code “HP Cloud OS” at http://community.hpcloud.com/forum.  By signing up, you will also benefit from a free 90 day trial period of our HP Public Cloud services.