HP Cloud Deploys OpenStack Horizon Dashboard

Guest Post: Victoria Kouyoumjian, HP Cloud Product Manager

This week, HP Cloud released a Preview of the new Public Cloud Console built on OpenStack Horizon. 

If you’re a consumer of the existing HP Cloud Management Console – now fondly referred to as “The Classic Console” –  rest-assured you will have all of the same features and capabilities in the new Horizon-based console.  This new console supports the latest OpenStack releases – Havana and Icehouse and future versions.  Of course ,you can still manage your compute functions through the console, including initializing instances, creating volumes, launching images and snapshots, and creating security groups and keypairs.  Network management underwent a facelift in the new console, since Horizon provides a bit of eye candy through the network topology visualization panel that lets you graphically map your network, routers and instances.

You’ll notice some new features inherited from the OpenStack Horizon project code base, as well as several nifty improvements and features that the dedicated engineering team at HP Cloud has been contributing back upstream, which are now part of the interface for the new console.   Avid users of Object Store (known as “Object Storage” in the classic console) may be interested to learn that they can setup and control their container’s synchronization across multiple regions.  In addition, you can manage the ability to duplicate and synchronize objects within storage containers.  Existing Classic Console users will also be happy to know that the 50Mb file upload is a thing of the past.

One of the more sophisticated features that has been enhanced within this Preview edition of the Horizon-based console surrounds identity management. Specifically, roles can now be assigned to groups of users.  In addition, you can assign roles around the latest platform services, such as the new HP Cloud Relational Database service.  You can also define domain administrators for managing your domain and its users.  Overall, I’m sure you’ll discover more flexibility and options when managing roles, domains, users and groups in the new Horizon-based console.

With this first release of the new Public Cloud Console built on Horizon, HP Cloud solidly reaffirms our commitment to OpenStack.    As far as we are aware, we’re the only cloud provider to stand-up a public console off of the Horizon dashboard project for cloud service management and as such, we intend to continue to actively contribute to the Horizon project.  These contributions will accelerate the maturity and value of Horizon, which of course has a reciprocal effect of fostering and growing the OpenStack community, and all who take advantage of the Horizon project.

Future development on the new console will continue to support new features and functions, staying in alignment with the latest OpenStack core code base, and releasing regular updates on the current tested and approved OpenStack versions.