HP Announces Platinum Commitment to OpenStack

The OpenStack™ project has made another giant leap toward becoming the industry-supported open source standard for the cloud industry. As you may already know, governance of the OpenStack project will be transferred to an independent foundation. A group of highly committed community members have signed up to enable the Foundation’s success, and I'm excited that HP is one of those core members. Specifically, HP intends to become a Platinum Member of the OpenStack Foundation to help accelerate the adoption of OpenStack technology and help ensure a continuing vibrant community. In addition to accelerating open innovation, strong support from leading companies like HP will help ensure the long term success and ubiquity of the OpenStack project, providing the basis for stronger community engagement as well as more opportunities for partners and the ecosystem.

As a Platinum Member, HP intends to provide ongoing contributions – such as code, designs, testing automation, documentation, and technology roadmap guidance – as well as financial and operational support to the OpenStack project. HP will also appoint an individual to serve on the Foundation's Board of Directors.

Platinum membership also means alignment with the OpenStack Mission. In a nutshell, the OpenStack Mission is to protect, empower, and promote OpenStack software and the community around it, including users, developers, and the entire ecosystem. The top goal is to enable OpenStack technology to become the ubiquitous cloud operating system. Core goals also include delivering high quality software releases, enabling cloud interoperability, fostering a healthy community, growing the ecosystem around OpenStack technology, and building and protecting the OpenStack brand.

Next week’s OpenStack Design Summit and Conference in San Francisco will be significant, as the community will again gather to shape the future of OpenStack.

Zorawar ‘Biri’ Singh, SVP & GM, HP Public Cloud, will  share HP’s full vision behind HP Public Cloud and the advantages of designing HP Public Cloud with OpenStack technology at the core in his keynote on Thursday, April 19, 2012.  

Broad, significant industry commitment to the OpenStack project is growing. In total, eighteen leading technology companies announced their plans to become Platinum or Gold Members of the OpenStack Foundation. The technical community includes 2,600 members. The recent Essex release includes 150 features, 200+ contributors, and contributions from 55 companies. Over 155 companies participate in the ecosystem. There have been over 100,000 downloads of the software to date.

As part of OpenStack’s founding team, I believe in The OpenStack Way: an open development process that is driven by a technical meritocracy and focused on community building. The OpenStack Foundation will be an independent and long-term home for the OpenStack project, the open source cloud operating system. HP’s participation as a Platinum Member of the OpenStack Foundation will help make the original OpenStack vision a reality.

Come meet me at the design summit and conference, and stay tuned for more…

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