Brian Aker Talks to

Brian Aker, HP Fellow, HP Public Cloud recently sat down with Libby Clark, Digital Content Editor at the Linux Foundation to discuss his thoughts on open cloud ahead of his keynote talk at LinuxCon and CloudOpen. (Full Article)


Why does an open cloud matter and are there still people who need convincing?

When we look at cloud right now it’s interesting to read some of the apologists who say we just need open source tools, not an operating system. They say, “Amazon is great, just use their API. Why do we need to do everything different?” It’s the same problem decades later. The cloud is like a distributed operating system that requires many different systems and if we don’t wish to all be sharecroppers again, it needs to be open source.

What is the biggest challenge facing the open cloud today?

There’s a lot of support for OpenStack but we have to engage in it to turn out a high quality implementation that can compete with what Amazon has today. Historically there was MINIX. Linux went a step further to turn it into a system you could rely on. You saw companies that are very commercial step in to help evolve it in that direction. It’s the same with OpenStack. There are missing components -- pieces that still need to be written. It’s a wide-open opportunity.

How is HP advancing OpenStack going forward?

Look at stuff we’ve done in Trove or Ironic. We contribute across the board; it’s not just a single effort. We are touching pretty much every bit of the code and have people working in all aspects of it at this point.

And we are a primary supporter of CI (continuous integration), the basic idea that you don’t commit code to trunk versions of software that hasn’t been run through testing before it gets there. It shouldn’t be innovative but it still is. There are many open source projects at this point that have yet to embrace it. Not in OpenStack, though. It’s a pure CI project.

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