Service Level Agreements for All Products

HP offers an industry-leading SLA to host your enterprise-grade workloads. With 99.95% monthly availability for all our infrastructure products in General Availability, we protect our customers at a level that surpasses most other services. Many cloud providers consider 99.9% uptime acceptable, which means you could incur twice as much downtime without any protection.

  • More importantly, some providers average their SLA calculation over the entire year, which means some months could see even greater downtime. At HP Helion Public Cloud, we consistently offer protection with an SLA of 99.95% monthly availability.
  • We offer higher levels of credit for most products (up to 30%) than many leading cloud providers.
  • Our SLA covers failures of even a single instance in a single Availability Zone. You are not required to maintain instances in multiple AZs to be eligible for an SLA as long as you are willing to use another AZ if/as needed. This is different from other clouds where the SLA credit is valid only if you are operating 24/7 in multiple AZs.

We are able to provide you a strong SLA and assurance because of the hardware we use, our organizational discipline, and our operational excellence in providing an enterprise-class service. More details on our SLA in

See the SLAs for our products: