HP Helion Public Cloud

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Open, enterprise-grade public cloud based on OpenStack® technology.

Now cloud runs through your business.

HP Helion Public Cloud is a transparent, enterprise-grade public cloud based on OpenStack® technology. We offer on-demand, pay-as-you-go cloud services for computing and storage infrastructure as well as platform services. And with our robust ecosystem of partner solutions for storage, platform, management, orchestration and more, the sky’s the limit to what you can do in the cloud.

Hybrid IT with HP Helion

Combine onsite IT with private, managed, and public cloud elements to create an environment that's right for your business. Our expansive portfolio of market-leading hardware, software, and cloud services brings it all together for you.

Explore the cloud

Cloud computing is changing the way the world does business. Learn more about cloud computing and public cloud offerings and discover what HP Helion Public Cloud can do for you.

Why OpenStack?

OpenStack is an open, scalable cloud computing platform that lets us deliver the transparent, flexible cloud our customers require. Learn more about our commitment to OpenStack and how we're making it even better.

A Complete Cloud Picture

HP Helion Public Cloud is part of an expansive portfolio of enterprise solutions and services. Explore the public, private, managed, and hybrid cloud offerings available in the complete HP Helion portfolio.

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The HP Helion commitment

Proven HP innovation on top of an open, interoperable platform is how we deliver a world-class cloud experience. With industry-leading service level agreements and live, 24/7 support, HP Helion Public Cloud brings enterprise-grade to all customers.

Try HP Helion Public Cloud free for 90 days.

Get an XS instance and up to 250 GB of block storage. Or, if storage is all you need, get up to 500 GB object storage. For free.

  • No vendor lock-in
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  • Enterprise grade